Thursday, February 6, 2014

Internship Opportunity with UNA Seattle

Are you a student focusing on international relations, non-profit management, political science, or another related field? The UNA might be the place for you to get some real, on the ground, experience in the work of a locally based non-profit.

The UNA is looking for individuals who have a passion for the mission of the United Nations, who want to build support for grassroots international relief projects, and who want to help build the community of internationally aware and active people in Seattle.

Specific tasks you might perform include…

  • Helping a Home Country Project organizer to develop their funding plan
  • Organizing large, internationally focused events here in Seattle
  • Community outreach
  • Helping organize membership drives
  • Drafting grant proposals

If selected for the internship, you will be expected to work with the Executive Director to define the role you will be taking. You will also need to find your own academic advisor for this internship.

For an application, click here.