Monday, March 31, 2014

Jackson School Journal of International Studies

The Jackson School Journal of International Studies is an online academic publication dedicated to profiling outstanding research and policy writing generated by UW undergraduates. The Journal publishes Autumn and Spring editions and accepts submissions on a broad range of topics related to international studies on a rolling basis. Students who publish with the Journal have the opportunity to showcase their work beyond the walls of the classroom in a way that meaningfully engages the undergraduate, academic and policy-making community through relevant research and policy discourses. The Journal is also a resource for students to read examples of quality policy and research papers, required exercises in Jackson School curriculum. The Journal typically looks for pieces of writing between 10-20 pages in length and other multi-media submissions.

Students can email submissions to The email must include the following pieces of information:
Author name, email address, academic background & interests, the title of the paper, a 250-word abstract and any notes concerning its development (i.e., if the essay was written for a particular course, indicate the course, professor, academic year and quarter). Further, the paper itself must not contain the author’s name, but must be complete with citations and bibliography.

The Journal is also comprised of Peer Reviewers and an Editorial Board. These positions are unpaid but eligible for independent study credit. For more information about peer reviewing, submitting essays or to apply to become an editor, visit or email the Journal at