Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Space available in Expository Writing Program Composition courses for multilingual ("ELL") students

English 121C, Tu/Th 10:30-12:20, is a service-learning composition course that will be taught by Norah Fahim (, who is expert in both teaching composition and in teaching English to non-native speakers. In this course, students will discuss, read, and write about literacy education in America.  In their service-learning, students will observe the ways that local Seattle schools and organizations cooperate and engage with families from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of needs in creating successful learning environments for children.  This course fulfills the "C" requirement. Further information about this course is available at:

International students who have participated in previous service-learning composition courses have found this an exceptionally rewarding way to develop their reading and writing skills while learning more about American culture.  Students often report that they create connections to the Seattle community and to others volunteering alongside them. All service-learning placements for English 121 are coordinated through the UW's Carlson Center and Pipeline Project, and Carlson Center has developed a pre-service workshop specifically for international students.

English 281C, Intermediate Composition, MW 10:30-12:20, will be taught by Yasmine Romero (, who is expert both in teaching composition and in teaching English to non-native speakers. This course is an intermediate writing course for multilingual ("ELL") language learners that continues to build students' writing skills, with a particular focus on research processes. In this course students will investigate the link between language and identity by exploring local communities and narratives. Students will work with a variety of data sources, and research training will be provided.  This course fulfills the 'C" (composition requirement).

For add codes and information about these specific courses, contact the instructors.

For general information about Expository Writing Program's courses for multilingual ("ELL") writers, contact Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill,  EWP Associate Director and MLL Coordinator: