Friday, April 11, 2014

UW Student Legal Services is Seeking a Legal Assistant

UW-SEATTLE FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES! UW Student Legal Services (SLS) is the campus law office located in the HUB that provides legal assistance,education, and representation to currently enrolled UW-Seattle students who pay the Services and Activities Fee.

SLS is hiring one part-time undergraduate Legal Assistant to work c. 10 hours/wk.  This is a student hourly position on campus; work study is OK. Training starts late spring quarter 2014.

Please submit a resume, contact info for three references, and a cover letter through HuskyJobs.  In your cover letter, identify your expected graduation date, why you want to work at SLS, and what you can offer SLS.

* Experience as employee or volunteer in a law office, judicial setting, or confidential office environment
* Incoming freshman, current freshman, or sophomore committed to working at SLS until graduation

* Be comfortable dealing with persons ranging in age from teens to 60's or older and who may come from many other cultures
* Be conversant in a language other than English

* Provide confidential support to director/staff attorney, legal interns, legal assistants, and SLS volunteers
* Interact with clients, SLS staff and other UW employees, vendors, and the  public
* Train incoming legal interns and legal assistants
* Assure adherence to ethical obligations at all stages of attorney-client relationship, including intake procedures, checks for conflicts of interest, billing, opening and closing files, etc.
* Execute advertising and promotions efforts
* Manage technology and law office management software; communicate with IT units
* Handle purchasing and receivables
* Comply with state and office records management policies
* Assist with preparation for client meetings and court hearings
* Collaborate on other administrative tasks as assigned
UW Student Legal Services,