Monday, August 25, 2014

Congressional Internship Program with Representative Jim McDermott

A Congressional internship is a great opportunity for undergraduates to gain valuable workplace experience and learn about the functions of our legislative branch. We are currently accepting additional applications for fall quarter.

Below are the details for the internship program in our Seattle office:

Congressional internship program: 

In the Seattle office, interns help out with general office duties, accompany staff members at district meetings or events, and help staff as they assist local residents in resolving problems they are having with the federal government. Interns see and play a role in the daily operations of a congressional office, which is an invaluable experience. Please include the following within your application packet:

1. Cover letter explaining your interest; 
2. A current resume including 2 references; and, 
3. The year and school term or the dates you would like to intern. 

We are currently accepting applications for fall quarter.

Upon completing the application packet, please e-mail, fax or mail the packet to:

Jacob Isenberg
1809 7th Ave, Suite 1212
Seattle, WA 98101
Fax (206) 553-7175

For more information visit Congressman McDermott?s website: