Thursday, September 11, 2014

Autumn Course: Introduction to Global Health

G H 101: Introduction to Global Health: Disparities, Determinants, Policies, and Outcomes (5 credits) I&S

Format – Online course

Global Health 101 is being offered online for the first time during the upcoming fall quarter. The course will parallel the in-class version of the course, focusing on weekly readings and lectures, a midterm and final exam, and completion of a modified Global Fund proposal (a series of seven weekly assignments that culminate in a final project at the end of the quarter). Exams will be held in-person on the UW Seattle campus. Students who are not able to take the mid-term or final exam at the scheduled location will need to identify a proctor, have the proctor approved by the instructor, and request that the exam be sent to your proctor.

The course page will be available to students on September 20th, with a new module opening weekly. Each module will contain about 3 hours of lecture per week for students to watch online, in addition to some videos. Other than the syllabus and course outline, modules will not be opened in advance of their scheduled week. There will be a few discussion forums throughout the quarter, but the major graded components will be the weekly assignments associated with the Global Fund (done independently) and the midterm and final exams. The Global Fund project asks students to mimic an actual Global Fund proposal (in MUCH less intensity and detail) by selecting a country, researching its health indicators, and coming up with a proposal to improve health in that location.
The midterm and final will both be held at 6:30 pm in the Health Sciences Building on the UW Seattle campus – the midterm is scheduled for October 29th, and the final will be held December 10th.
Questions? Please contact the course instructor Todd Faubion at