Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BCS 401 - Beginning foreign language course

BCS 401 - First-Year Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (SLN 11123)
MTWThF 11:30-12:20

Comprehensive introduction to spoken and written literary Bosnian,Croatian, and Serbian. First in a sequence of three.

Here's what students say about the instructor, Dr. Bojan Belić:

Dynamic, charismatic, passionate & committed, great sense of humor. Great at teaching difficult concepts with clear explanations. Gives us sufficient work to learn the concept, but not "busy work." Tests very challenging but push us to use everything we have learned.

Best language instructor I've ever had. I don't agree with the other raters who said he's difficult. The languages are difficult, but Bojan makes them very approachable and is a relatively easy grader. Probably the most efficient use of classroom time I've ever seen from any instructor I've seen across disciplines.

Bojan is absolutely one of the best language teachers out there. He's extremely helpful and thorough, but works hard to make class entertaining, humorous, and clear. For a language as challenging as BCS, this is essential! Can't recommend enough. Just make sure you're on time - the one thing there's no joke about is punctuality!