Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Online Courses for Autumn 2014

Autumn Quarter online courses still have space available!

Students can take some of the most popular online credit classes as part of their normal tuition load and pay an online fee of $350 per class. These select online courses are offered in a group-start format, which means students can interact with their classmates and complete the course during the quarter. Courses are offered as part of normal tuition load and pay an online fee of only $350 per class. This select online course is offered in a group-start format and is listed on the fall quarter 2014 time schedule. Online courses are housed at the UW Seattle campus. UW Bothell and UW Tacoma students should check with advising staff at their home campuses before enrolling in classes they expect to count towards their degree program. These courses do not count as residence credit; students should consult with their adviser for any questions.

ECON 200 Q Introduction to Microeconomics (5) I&S, QSR SLN: 23201
JSIS C/CHID 380: Theories in the Study of Religion (I&S)  SLN:  23137
JSIS A/POL S 435 Japanese Government and Politics (I&S) SLN:  23135 OR 23136
POL S 312: Survey of American Political Thought (I&S)  SLN:  23168
These courses are part of this year’s curriculum in the online bachelor’s degree completion program in Integrated Social Sciences and are made available to on-campus students through UW Educational Outreach.