Thursday, October 9, 2014

Connect to Homeless and Foster Teens through Students for Students: Sign Up by October 20th!

From Students for Students:


I'd like to introduce the Students for Students program to you all! The program connects homeless and foster teens to UW students, with the goal of inspiring and supporting teens - who may not be considering college - to invest and have faith in their futures. 

Students for Students is holding a college panel series at the Old Fire House Teen Center in Redmond, and is looking for college students willing to share what the journey, experience, and opportunity of going to college has been for them! There will be three sessions held in November on Tuesdays from 7-9pm. The panels will be grouped by the following areas of study:

11/4: Natural Sciences, Engineering & Mathematics

11/11: Humanities, Social Sciences, Art & Medical Field

11/18: Business, Communications, Public Policy, Education, & Law

The purpose of this panel series is to show high school students how accessible and valuable college can be, and is intended for those who may not currently be considering college as an option. However, these panels cannot be held unless we get a confirmed crew of volunteer speakers! Imagine if it were your words that inspired someone to see that going to college was something they wanted for themselves and their life. There'll also be free food...

If you're interested in speaking or just learning more, please contact me or message S4S by Monday, October 20th, through our Facebook page (see links below). Share this with anyone who may be interested too! 


Erica Vartanian