Monday, October 13, 2014

Internships with Canadian Consulate General-Seattle

The Canadian Consulate General Seattle invites American university students who wish to experience an internship with a foreign government in the United States to apply for the 2015 Intern Programme. These positions are non-paid. At no time is an Employer-Employee relationship created and students may terminate their internship at any time as may the Consulate. Most interns earn course-credit through an independent study.

Internships are for a minimum of 8-10 weeks and 9 hours per week. Interns are normally placed in the Foreign Policy & Diplomatic Service Section and work on various projects supporting 3 Officers (political, economic, media, cultural, natural resources, academic, public affairs) and an assistant. Students must be computer / database proficient.

Interested students should apply no less than 90 days prior to their anticipated start-date (beginning of semester, quarter, term) as those selected must undergo a Government of Canada background / security check. Interns are provided an email account with Foreign Affairs Canada.

Interested students should contact:

Kevin Cook
Political, Economic & Academic Officer
Canadian Consulate General
1501 Fourth Avenue
Suite 600
Seattle WA 98101