Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lamb Prize for Political Science Undergraduates - Applications/Nominations Open November 1

Should You Nominate?

The Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize is for undergraduates in Political Science or one of its related disciplines.
Although a student may apply, faculty are encouraged to nominate undergraduates for the Prize. The Application/Nomination period opens on 1 November, 2014. The packet of materials submitted to support nominations and applications is very similar. So why should faculty want to present a nomination?
Why Nominate?
Submitting a nomination is a good way to honor your outstanding students! Whether or not a student wins, simply being nominated is an honor. Nominations allow faculty to step outside of the formalities of the application process to present the nominee as creatively as possible. CLICK HERE to link with the nomination page.
Why Apply?
Applying for the Lamb Prize demonstrates a student's initiative. The application process allows a student to present her/himself and to highlight the innovative nature of the product being submitted.
CLICK HERE to link with the application page.

No matter how the materials are received--either as nominations or applications--the Selection Committee will review everything. Nominators and applicants will receive email confirmation that the documentation has been received. We are excited to hear from you.

It's a Prize!

A Prize Rather than a Scholarship

By making the award a prize, the sponsors
of the Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in
Political Science wish to emphasize the
prestige associated with the Prize. Although
 there is a cash award in connection with
 the Prize, the benefit of winning is in the
The winning submission will be published.
Because of the nature of the selection
process, the winning submission will be
a peer-reviewed publication. The work will be
published on the Lamb Prize webpage, in
addition to other publishing venues as
established by the Steering Committee.
The winning submission will be publicly 
acknowledged in an annual award ceremony.
The Steering Committee will provide funding
 for the winner to travel to the award ceremony.
The winner will be announced in the
Lamb Prize newsletter. The newsletter is
a quarterly publication of the Steering
 Committee distributed to more than 800
Political Science professionals around
the United States. These subscribers
represent the majority of the Political
Science departments across the nation.
The Prize will make you famous!
Well, perhaps that is a bit much! However,
 winning the Prize is a great networking
opportunity. The winner will meet lots of
 people and have a high quality entry for
 the curriculum vitae.