Monday, November 10, 2014

Composition and Writing Courses and Support Resources for Multilingual/International Students, ENG 131 A & ENG 131C

This is a reminder about composition composition ("C") and writing ("W" and non-"W") courses and other language support resources for UW multilingual/international students and their teachers, with specific information about "MLL" sections of Expository Writing Program (EWP) classes, the English 115 "MLL Studios," and courses offered through the Interdisciplinary Writing Program (IWP) in Winter 2015.

Each quarter, the Expository Writing Program offers sections of our English 131 composition course specifically designed for MLL (multilingual) students. These MLL sections are taught by teachers with expertise in both teaching composition, and teaching English to speakers of other languages. The MLL sections are limited to multilingual students during all periods. Quarterly surveys confirm that students are overwhelming positive in their assessment of the impact of these courses on their writing process, their understandin! g of “the logic of Western academic writing,” their ability to understand and use resources to become effective self-editors, and their confidence not only in reading and writing, but in participating in class and in talking with their teachers. As soon as teachers are assigned to these sections each quarter, students will find the instructors' names and email addresses listed in the time schedule. Add codes are required for the MLL sections.

In Winter 2015, EWP will offer two MLL sections of English 131. Students should contact the instructor for an add code:

English 131A
TuTh 8:30-10:20 
by Ainiwaer Abudumutailifu ABUDUA@UW.EDU

English 131C1
TuTh 10:30-12:20 
by Bonnie Vidrine BONNIV@UW.EDU

Students in any EWP or IWP composition course may also be interested in signing up for an optional English 115 "MLL Studio," which provides additional English language support. Beginning this year, the "MLL Studios"are offered under a newly-approved course number, English 115. Multilingual students registered in any EWP or IWP course may register for an English 115 "MLL Studio." In winter quarter, there will be two MLL Studios, English 115 A (TuTh 10:30-11:20) and 115 B (TuTh 12:30-1:20). These studios close at 10 students, and no add codes are required.

Our experience offering effective composition and writing support courses for multilingual students has not only provided effective multilingual learning communities, but has also led to the evolution of all of our English Department composition courses, and our training and support for our teachers. In addition to the "MLL" (multilingual language learner) sections of English 131, note that all Expository Writing Program and Interdisciplinary Writing Program composition courses are welcoming and supportive of multilingual students. While students who earn 2.0 or above in an EWP course and thus completed their "C" requirement may not take another EWP course, students who have completed their "C" requirement may continue taking IWP "writing links" to fulfill their "W" requirement.