Monday, November 3, 2014

English 298, 471, and 498 for Winter and Spring 2015

The English Department offers courses each quarter of interest to students considering careers in teaching and related fields. These courses fulfill a range of UW requirements, as well as requirements for the ELS Minor and application to Masters in Teaching/Teacher Education programs. These courses all offer students the opportunity to put on-campus learning into practice through service-learning internships in partner "high needs" public school programs.

English 471: The Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing (TuTh 2:30-4:20 VLPA; W option). 

In Winter 2015, English 471 will be taught by Prof. Anis Bawarshi, who was Director of UW's highly regarded Expository Writing Program for the last ten years. Through reading and fieldwork, Engli! sh 471 introduces students to the various approaches that guide the study and teaching of writing, ranging from methods for teaching students how to produce texts to methods for assessing these texts. The course will also examine the research and theories that underscore these methods, assumptions that guide these approaches, and consideration of whose interests they serve, so that all members of the class can become more self-reflective readers, writers, and teachers. English 471 provides an opportunity to think about what it means to teach writing, to develop and share our own goals for teaching writing, and to generate and articulate practices that will help us achieve these goals. Coursework will include keeping a reading journal, conducting a brief teaching ethnography, preparing a bibliography and curriculum design presentation, and creating a teaching portfolio.

English 471 will have an optional service-learning component which will bring students! into local K-12 classrooms to practice work (three to four ho! urs each week) as tutors, mentors, and writing coaches. Those who opt to do service learning will have the option to register for additional credit hours of English 491, if they choose. For those who participate, the service learning in this course will fulfill 30-40 of the observation hours that students are required to complete prior to applying to the UW Masters in Teaching program. Information, and add codes for period 3, are available from the instructor:

English 298 or 498: Community Literacy Program (MW 10:30-12:20; C or W; capstone for English majors).

 In Spring 2015, the Community Literacy Program will be taught by CLP director Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill. Community Literacy Program links a 5 credit on-campus seminar (English 298 or 498) with service-learning internships in "high needs" partner public school programs (English 491). All CLP students participate in the service-learning. Assignments include a service-! learning journal, short writing about course texts and themes, a colalborative presentation about students' shared work in a partner school, and an individually designed research project, for which research instruction is provided. The instructor meets with students to discuss drafts and revisions of their major projects. Central course goals include testing theory in practice, engaging in effective, reflective work with public school students and teachers, and learning more about both our own writing and learning processes, and the impact of CLP on academic, career, civic and personal goals.

This linked pair of courses offers an opportunity for UW students from all majors and at all stages of their UW careers to complete "C" and "W" requirements in a small interactive learning community. CLP is also a great way for students considering teaching careers to get crucial school-based experience in "high needs" schools, and may be used toward the field work requirement in the Education, Learning and Society minor. There are no prerequisites. Add codes (all periods) will be available from the instructor beginning in February: