Monday, November 3, 2014

Environment Classes, ranging from the 200 - 400 level, Winter 2015

ENVIR 239 - Sustainability: Personal Choices, Broad Impacts
Instructor: Megan Horst, Program on the Environment
Kristi Straus, Program on the Environment
Days and Time: MWF, 1:30-2:20pm
Credits: 3 (SLN 14185) or 5 (SLN 14186, requires additional 50 hours of service learning)
Answer questions such as
· What does sustainability mean?
· How do you make sustainability choices in your everyday life?

ENVIR 439 - Attaining a Sustainable Society
Instructor: Elizabeth Wheat, Program on the Environment
Time and Days: 3:30-4:50pm MWF
Credits: 3 - SLN 14208
Main Topics:
· Identify major impediments to achieving a sustainable society
· Choose from among one of four hopeful movements and explore how that movement is helping our society move toward a more sustainable future: Food, Energy, Economics or Governance.

​ENVIR 485 - Environmental Planning Permitting in Practice
Instructor: Todd Wildermuth, School of Law
Time and Days​: 10:30am-12:20pm, T, Th
Credits: 5 - SLN 14212
Main Topics:
· Advanced survey of applied environmental regulation for project managers or students from any major with an interest in environmental law, policy and planning.

ENVIR 495 E - Grant Proposal Practicum
Instructor: Frederica Helmiere, Program on the Environment
Time and Days: 2:30-5:20, W
Credits: 3 - SLN 14218
Main Topics:
· Develop skills in grant-writing, project development and project management for projects targeting sustainability goals.

ENVIR 495 F - Environmental Communication, Messaging and Outreach
Instructor: P. Sean McDonald, Program on the Environment
Time and Days: 3:30-4:20pm
Credits - 2 - SLN: 21099
Main Topics:
· This course will explore the variety of media and methods for conveying environmental information in the digital age.

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