Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spanish 102 On Line Alternative, SPAN 122 Spanish Immersion Winter 2015

SPAN 122 Spanish Immersion (5)
Covers the equivalent of elementary Spanish (SPAN 102) through an alternative "planned immersion" method with video as the central medium of presentation. Prerequisite: SPAN 121. During Winter Quarter, 2015, an entry code will be issued to students who have completed SPAN 101 at the University of Washington or its equivalent elsewhere or to students who have tested into SPAN 102.

Instructor Course Description: Donally S Kennedy

This is for students who are looking for an alternative to SPAN 102.

During Winter Quarter, 2015, students who have completed SPAN 101 at the University of Washington or its equivalent elsewhere or students who have tested into SPAN 102 are eligible to register for SPAN 122 as an alternative to SPAN 102. New students entering SPAN 122 will join students who have all ready watched the first 14 episodes of the soap opera “Destinos” during the fall SPAN 121 class. Although there is no requirement that they do so, students entering the course Winter Quarter can access the missed episodes for free on-line at SPAN 122 requires a different set of textbooks from those used in the SPAN 101-103 series as listed in the following course description. Given that SPAN 122 is quite different from SPAN 102, before registering for SPAN 122, students are advised to read the following course description with care:


Spanish 121, 122 and 123 is a beginning Spanish language course based on the video soap opera, “Destinos”. The episodes of the videonovela give students an opportunity to learn Spanish in its cultural context and to experience the language as it occurs in real-life situations and settings throughout the Spanish-speaking world. The methodology of the class is communicative and follows the premise that the four language skills are most effectively developed when acquired in a specific order: listening, speaking, reading, writing.

From the first day, the class is conducted almost entirely in Spanish as a conversation in which students discuss the characters and events as they unfold in the telenovela as the context through which they learn and practice the grammar and vocabulary. Gradually the scope of the conversation enlarges, so that by the third quarter, students will be able to discuss topics of their choosing in Spanish for the full class period.

We offer only two sections of this three-quarter series that begins in the fall. Normally, all sections are taught by the same instructor and the class size is small. These factors help create a strong sense of community over time that is highly conducive to language study.

Students who register for this course should expect a more rigorous, grammar-intensive approach than is used in the Spanish 101, 102, 103 series. Original writing assignments are frequent and emphasized. Students turn in homework of up to four pages in length every day. The course is intended for highly motivated BEGINNING students who have a particular interest in learning Spanish beyond merely fulfilling the language requirement and who plan to commit a great deal of time to its study. Many students who have taken this course because they are highly motivated to learn Spanish have reported that they are amazed how well they can understand, speak, read and write Spanish by the time the course is over.

Textbooks required:
Textbook: Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish*
Workbook: Workbook/Study Guide I to accompany Destinos(Lecciones 1-26)*

*Please get the Second Edition of the Alternate Edition. You will need the Workbook/Study Guide II (Lecciones 27-52) by the middle of Winter Quarter so I recommend you buy both workbooks now.