Thursday, January 8, 2015

UW Career Center Workshops, Labs, and Meet Ups

The Career Center offers three types of workshops so you can pick the one that’s right for you. Choose from Getting Started workshops, Labs, and Meetups. Check our events calendar online for up-to-date workshop times and locations:

Getting Started 
Getting Started workshops are short, 30 minute presentations on strategies for success in the job search. Join us for topics including LinkedIn, resumes, and career fair success! Come as you are.

Anatomy of a Job Posting

Should you apply for a position if you don't have every qualification? What activities can you count as "experience"? How can you use the information in a job posting to customize your resume, ace the interview, and get a job offer? This workshop will address these and other questions about how to read and interpret job and internship announcements to help you optimize your opportunities.

Career Fair Success

What are you supposed to do at a career fair? Learn how to plan a strategy for the most effective and efficient use of your time at a fair, how to craft an introduction that makes a good impression, what to wear, and how to follow-up.

Cover Letters – Getting Started

Wondering how to write an engaging cover letter? You’ll learn how to weave together your strengths with specific examples to write targeted cover letters that emphasize your fit for the job!

Internships – Getting Started

Learn basic strategies and tools for a successful internship search!

Interviews – Getting Started

Interviews can be scary—especially when they include questions like the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself.” This workshop addresses general preparation, researching companies, what to expect, and answering behavior-based and other tough, important interview questions.

Informational Interviews – Getting Started

Informational Interviewing is a key strategy for both career exploration and the job search process. We will cover the who, how, and why of informational interviews so that you leave prepared to conduct informational interviews!

LinkedIn – Getting Started

Not sure where to start with LinkedIn? We’ll cover how to set up a basic profile and get started connecting with friends, colleagues and professionals.

Networking for Shy People (& Everyone!)

We know it takes a certain, special type of person to genuinely enjoy networking. For the rest of us who may need a little help, we’ll teach some easy, non-threatening ways to connect with others to meet your goals. Things you'll leave the workshop knowing include: ways to get “them” talking (so you can relax – and listen!), dealing with silence, getting the info, and how to move-on and follow-up.

Job Search – Getting Started

Learn basic strategies and tools for a successful job search!

Resumes – Getting Started

Not happy with your resume? Let us help! We will discuss format, style, and how to write a resume that best reflects your strengths and talents.Winter 2014

Ready to explore further or get some practice? Join us for Labs—interactive, engaging workshops. Some labs are come as you are, others request that you bring some materials with you.

Cover Letter Lab
We will pick up where the ‘Cover Letters – Getting Started’ workshop leaves off with student-to-student cover letters reviews and guidance from the facilitator. Before attending the lab please view the appropriate workshop online or attend a ‘Cover Letters – Getting Started’ workshop. Bring a draft of a cover letter to the lab.
Identifying Your Strengths
You keep hearing, “Employers need to know your strengths,” but think, I don’t even know my strengths! You’re not alone – employers say that up to 80% of candidates can’t name their strengths and thus can’t articulate their fit for a position. This workshop will help you begin to identify your unique strengths/skills/talents and get an edge in securing the job you want. Please join us for an interactive introduction to the Dependable Strengths Process. Come as you are—no preparation needed.

Interviewing Lab
Be a standout to employers and tell them what they really want to know: how you are valuable to them! Learn how to give an interview that highlights your strengths and demonstrates you know about their company. We’ll practice answering interview questions in pairs and small groups. Please attend the ‘Interviews —Getting Started’ workshop or view the Interviewing
workshop on our website prior to attending.

LinkedIn Lab
With 250 million professionals on LinkedIn, of which 200,000+ are Huskies, there are people all over the world to connect with. Learn how to create a profile that gets attention and connects you with future colleagues. If possible, bring a laptop or tablet to work on your profile.

Resume Lab

We’ll pick up where the ‘Getting Started—Resumes’ workshop leaves off with student-to-student resume reviews and guidance from the facilitator. Before attending the lab please view online or attend the ‘Resumes —Getting Started’ workshop. Bring a draft of your resume to the lab.

Explore Your Path (through Wandering Maps)
Clarify identity and experiences while thinking creatively about the future by building a Wandering Map. Sketch a map, identify themes, and write next steps, all while doodling, shading, and drawing. Come as you are—no preparation needed and art supplies will be provided by the Career Center.

Get valuable feedback and advice (and build connections) from a Career Counselor and other students in one of our Career Meetups. Casual (but productive) conversations, just for UW undergraduates! To find your Career Meetup, look for the Purple Balloon!

Meetup: Internships for Sophomores & Juniors
We’ll be talking internships, internships, internships—when, where, why and everything in between. Sophomores and Juniors—join us!

Meetup: Job Search for Seniors
Graduating in the next few quarters? We’ll be discussing all of your questions around when and how to start the job search! Seniors—come as you are with or without questions.

Meetup: Majors & Minors for Freshmen & Sophomores
What’s your major? Seems to be a big question we all face. In this Meetup, talk with a Career Counselor and an Academic Adviser to learn about options and leave with your next steps/strategy. 

Meetup: Science Careers
Enjoying your science classes? Wondering how to build a career in research? What can you do with your science degree? Come talk with other students and a Career Counselor—you’ll be glad you did!

Meetup: Summer & Student Jobs for Freshmen

Thinking about next summer or need a job right now? It’s never too early to take action and plan. If you’ve already had jobs before, or never-ever worked … come as you are, with or without questions.