Friday, January 16, 2015

Want to study abroad in 2015? CHID upcoming info sessions!

Friday, January 16th at 2pm: CHID/Honors Black Sea
Conflicting Currents: Romania and Georgia in a Turbulent Black Sea

Using the countries we visit around the Black Sea as living textbooks, this program explores the concept of multiculturalism, and the ideal that different cultures can co-exist, inter-relate and influence one another in a peaceful and productive way.

Tuesday, January 20th at 3pm: CHID Amsterdam Early Fall
Tolerance, Religion, and Gender in Amsterdam

This program explores the role of the concept of tolerance in the narratives of Dutch national history and in contemporary debates about the place of secularism, public religion, cultural integration, and gender in Dutch identity.

Wednesday, January 21st at 5:30pm: CHID Amsterdam Summer
Design and Society in the Netherlands: Visualizing the Invisible

Following the Dutch model, this study abroad program suggests that “art works” and “design objects” are not isolated objects with no social or political import; rather, what we call “objects” are actually dynamic systems entangled in complex (material, spatial, temporal) networks that are very often invisible.

Thursday, January 22nd at 2:30pm: CHID/Honors Bangalore – held in the Honors office (Mary Gates 211B)
Social Justice and Artistic Expressions

This program asks how, given the inequalities of the world and the Global South in particular, artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, performers and creative people weave together their craft and hopes for a better world.

Thursday, January 29th at 1:30pm: CHID New York City
New York City: Urban Change in the City that Never Sleeps

Through field trips, readings, meetings with local scholars, archivists, students, and architects, and by pursuing their own place-based projects, students will engage with the numerous ways that New York City has dealt -- and continues to grapple with -- change over the last century and a half.

All other sessions will be held in Padelford C101 (the CHID Lounge). Program Directors will be available to meet with students, answer questions, and talk about the details of their programs.