Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Summer Course in Cambodia

Global Health, Human Rights, and the 
Rights of Women and Children in Cambodia 

University of Washington:

  • Law H516, 
  • Global Health GH 590, 
  • College of Education EDLPS 600, 
  • International Studies JSIS 596 

This course offers a unique, multidisciplinary study and research opportunity in Cambodia. Focusing on health and human rights of women and children, particularly those who have a disability, the course provides a classroom experience and an applied, skills-building practicum that explores the theoretical underpinnings and the practical applications of the rights of women and children in the context of Cambodia's health system. Human rights for women and children are studied from legal and health services perspectives, combining methodologies of research and analysis required for quality field work.

The six-week course is approved for a total of 10 credits. Five of the credits are received through the practicum experience. The practicum experience will enable the student to work with NGOs and other health and legal professionals in the investigation and analysis of a faculty-guided and approved practicum project.

The course is open to graduate and professional students, as well as undergraduates who are currently juniors and seniors. Students from other universities are welcome to apply.

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