Monday, February 2, 2015

English Department offers The Spring 2015 Community Literacy Program

The English Department offers courses each quarter of interest to students considering careers in teaching and related fields. For Spring 2015, our featured course is the Community Literacy Program:

The Spring 2015 Community Literacy Program will be taught by CLP director Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill. This program links a 5 credit on-campus course (English 298A, MW 10:30-12:20) with a service-learning internship in a "high needs" partner public school program (English 491B; volunteer time scheduled individually). Program goals include testing theory in practice, engaging in effective reflective work with public school students and teachers, and learning more about both our own writing and learning processes, and the impact of CLP on our academic, career, civic and personal goals.

This linked pair of courses offers an opportunity for UW students from all majors and at all stages of their UW careers to complete "C" and "W" requirements in a small interactive learning community. CLP is also a great way for students considering teaching careers to get crucial school-based experience in "high needs" schools, and may be used toward the field work requirement in the Education, Learning and Society minor, or toward hours required for application to Teacher Education Programs. There are no prerequisites. Add codes (all periods) are available from the instructor:

Feel free to be in touch to request add codes, or with questions related to the Community Literacy Program or to the English Department's public school service-learning partnerships.

For more information, please contact 

Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill
Director, Community Literacy Program
Associate Director, Expository Writing Program