Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spring 2015: "C" and "W" courses and other support resources for Multilingual/International Students

This is the updated information about Spring 2015 composition ("C") and writing ("W" and non-"W") courses and other language support resources for UW multilingual/international students and their teachers. It includes a wide range of opportunities for students, from "C" and "W" courses to writing centers, conversation groups, career workshops and more.

This is a quick overview of English Dept. courses for multilingual/international students for Spring 2015. Quarterly surveys confirm that students are overwhelming positive about the impact of these courses on their writing process, their understanding of “the logic of Western academic writing,” their ability to understand and use resources to become effective self-editors, and their confidence not only in reading and writing, but in participating in class and in talking with their teachers. All of our "MLL" courses are designed and taught by teachers with both Composition and TESOL expertise.

MLL English 131: 
Specific "MLL" sections of English 131 (Composition: Expository) will be identified soon, and will be labeled "MULTILINGUAL STUDENTS ONLY" in the time schedule. The instructors' email contact information will be listed in the time schedule as well. For Spring 2015, no add codes are required for MLL sections of English 131.

English 115: 
MLL Studios. 2 credit 
C/NC sections of English 115 

(MLL Studio) offer additional English Language Support, and are available to students enrolled in any EWP or IWP Composition course. English 115 builds academic reading skills to analyze complext texts, reviews and analyzes grammar structures to produce different writing results, and assists students in devleoping critical reflective skills to become more familiar and confident with the writing and revision process. Students may contact the instructor Dan Zhu ( with questions. No add codes are required for English 115.

New for Spring 2015:

 MLL English 298E, an MLL Interdisciplinary Writing Program composition course 
SLN 13821, TuTh 9:00-10:20, C or W
Linked with Communication 202 SLN 12366, TuTh 11:30-1:20, VLPA/I&S). 

While the MLL writing link is numbered English 298, there are no prerequisites, and any multilingual student registered in Communication 202 is eligible for the linked English 298E. Add codes are required for English 298E. Students should contact the English 298E instructor, Jennifer Zinchuk (, for add codes and additional information.