Thursday, February 19, 2015

UW Law - mock trials - volunteer juror opportunity

We are looking for volunteer jurors to serve on UW Law’s mock trials March 2 and March 9, beginning at 5p and ending before 10p. This is a great opportunity for undergrad students exploring law to see law school students in action. Students may attend one or both days. Each day will see different teams of students presenting their cases.

The consistent positive feedback we get each year from the student “jurors” confirms that this experience is both educational and fun. The law school students will have their game face on, putting in enormous preparation, thought, and energy to try and win a favorable verdict.

The case is a very interesting and tragic wrongful death matter drawn from real life. A bicycle messenger was hit and killed in a downtown Seattle crosswalk by an out-of-town sales representative. The issues to be decided by the jury include allegations of texting by the driver and whether the bicyclist was rushing to make a delivery. This will be quite a realistic experience for your students, taking place at the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle with a veteran Superior Court trial judge presiding over each of the trials.

Interested students should contact me directly.

Morgan Tubby

Faculty Support

Ph: 206.616.2583