Friday, February 27, 2015

Women in Leadership, MGMT 490 A ,Spring 2015

What do the fabulous females above have in common? They are remarkable leaders and role models in business and the world, beginning with Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi in the top left. All have had to address questions of life purpose, leadership style, family priorities, work-life balance, and building confidence on their road to success. 

We will use their lives and the experiences of local guest speakers to find personal answers to the same questions, enhance skills and create a personal vision. We will:
  • Interact with at least seven local women in leadership positions.* 
  • Apply a leadership framework that has helped women around the world succeed
  • Create a personal vision board to picture your ideal career and life
  • Examine different ideas of work-life balance
  • Practice your authentic leadership style
  • Translate your values, dreams and goals into a life worthy of you
*These include a vice president, a successful entrepreneur, co-founders of a business that grooms women leaders, a manager whose husband stays home with the children, and a novelist. You will also have the opportunity to contact and personally interview another leader you admire.

Course Details
MGMT 490A – Women in Leadership
SLN 16716
Spring 2015 – M W 1:30-3:20
Professor: Cate Goethals, a longtime Foster School lecturer whose MBA class Women at the Top was named one of the 10 most innovative MBA classes of 2010 in the country by Forbes. Cate leads the UW “Half the Sky” women’s leadership and entrepreneurship exploration seminars to India. Questions? Email Cate -
Course Requirements:
  • No Freshmen