Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Space available: URBDP 200 & URBDP 300

URBDP 200 Intro to Urbanization, Spring 2015  
5 Credits
In 2010, we reached the tipping point: More people now live in cities than in the countryside. What is going on? Why does it matter? How do cities work? How can they be di erent -- and better -- in the future? URBDP 200: Introduction to Urbanization is for anyone curious about cities. It explores why the world is urbanizing and what conse - quences that has for people’s lives. It exam - ines why cities take on di erent forms - -dense or sprawling, segregated or inte - grated, thriving or stagnant, car or transit oriented, democratic or authoritarian. This course is open to all majors and counts towards the I&S requirement For more info, contact the instructor: Mark Purcell at

URBDP 300 Intro to Urban Planning Spring 2015
MWF 11:30-12:50
5 Credits
oin this class to understand our complex urban systems and the processes, logic, and tools planners use to create more sustainable cities. This class will get you out in the streets of Seattle, identifying and solving urban issues through the lens of an urban planner. Come learn about the evolution of planning ideas in response to changing social, economic, and environmental conditions within the American political framework.