Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring 2015:ENVIR 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies

ENVIR 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies
Mon/Wed/Fri 9:30-10:20
Varying quiz sections Tues or Thurs
5 credits
Thomson Hall (THO) Room 101
  • Learn more about contemporary environmental challenges and responses, including climate change, ocean acidification, crop plant diversity, and social justice.
  • Engage in challenging conversations with peers, professors and community members about how to best participate in the work of planetary stewardship.
  • Recognize the complexity in environmental issues and our connections to these issues at multiple scales, from local to global.
  • Participate in a dynamic and unique learning experience with an interdisciplinary teaching team.
Co-taught by:

Kristi Straus, Program on the Environment (
Yen-Chu Weng, Program on the Environment (

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How to Register:
  1. Open to all students from any department.
  2. No add code required.
  3. Register for ENVIR 100 (SLN 14021)
Questions? Please email the instructors listed above.