Thursday, January 15, 2015

Spain Study Abroad, Summer 2015

We are now accepting applications for our Summer Exploration Seminar, "Challenges in Contemporary Spain", in Leon, Spain. The program, which runs from 8/24-9/18, and students earn 5 JSIS/SOC credits.

Travel to the UW Leon Center in Spain to learn about some of the critical issues affecting Spanish society in the wake of the global economic crisis! The program will explore a range of themes related to Spain's efforts to rebuild and reform after an economic crisis that threatens to create a 'lost decade' in this major European nation. Specific topics will include the challenge of regional diversity and separatist movements, integration of immigrants and minority rights, youth unemployment and the broader challenges and repercussions of economic austerity. The four-week program will be led by Dr. Edgar Kiser, UW Professor of Sociology, and includes the 5-credit course SOC 401/JSIS 488: ?Challenges in Contemporary Spain?.

Founded as a settlement for a Roman legion (legio - hence the city's name), the ancient city of Leon today serves as the capital of Leon province in Northwest Spain. The historic city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its medieval architecture. The very popular Camino Santiago pilgrims' trail runs though Leon, and the city receives thousands of pilgrims and other visitors every year. A very livable and approachable small city, Leon is an excellent venue for getting acquainted with Spanish culture and society.

The program will begin with a four-day introduction to Spain in the nation's energetic capital, Madrid. The session in Madrid is designed to introduce students to historical and contemporary Spain, and will include site visits and meetings designed to update students on the country's current situation and challenges as seen from the nation's capital. The program also includes an overnight stay in Bilbao, in the Basque Country, a visit to the Occupy Movement in Madrid, and to a Roma camp in Leon.

Course and excursions conducted in English. $3,950 program fee. 

Applications due March 1, 2015.

This program is sponsored by the Department of Sociology, Office of Minority and Diversity Affairs, and the Center for West European Studies at the University of Washington.


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