Monday, February 9, 2015

Apply for the CHID NYC Exploration Seminar!

Are you an undergraduate student who is interested in issues of urban policy, social inequality, and the design of cities?

Apply for the CHID New York City Early Fall 2015 Exploration Seminar!

Urban Change in the City That Never Sleeps (August 24-September 19, 2015)

Program Directors: Naraelle Hohensee (CUNY Art History, CHID) and Keith Harris (UW Built Environments, CHID)

This program looks at gentrification and urban change, charting New York’s growth over the last 150 years and asking how urban planners and residents are grappling with social and economic inequality, sustainability, and the everyday experience of the city.

Application deadline: February 20th.

Don't hesitate to contact with any questions about the program or application process.